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What is TCM?

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is thousands of years old and has changed little over the centuries. Its basic concept is that a vital force of life, called Qi(chee) animates your body. Any imbalance of Qi can cause health problems. This imbalance is most commonly thought to be the result of an alteration in the opposite and complementary forces that make up your Qi. These forces are called yin and yang.

TCM believes that humans are microcosms of the larger surrounding universe, and are interconnected with all of nature and subject to its forces. Balance of yin and yang is a key concept for long lasting health according to TCM. Balance is restored through various herbal formulations and other modalities such as acupressure and acupuncture.

TCM has much in common with Western science’s new understanding of the importance of balance and how CBD supports your endocannabinoid system to maintain balance for both your body and mind.

We enhance our premium CBD products with our propriety TCM formulation, ECS5™, a game changer that represents a quantum leap in endocannabinoid system support.

What is The Endocannabinoid System (ESC)?

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) was only recently discovered in 1992 and was named after the plant that led to its discovery— cannabis. The ECS is your body’s most important balancing system.

The amazing healing stories you’ve heard about CBD happen because of what CBD does for your ECS. Your ECS is the real power behind CBD.


  1. Endocannabinoids which are made by your body from fatty acids and function as neurotransmitters that direct your ECS to perform specific regulating tasks.
  2. Receptors that are activated by the unique molecular shape of endocannabinoids. Once activated, they relay information at the cellular level.
  3. Enzymes that breakdown endocannabinoids.

Endocannabinoids and their receptors are found throughout your body: in your brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells. Your ECS performs many different tasks all in an effort to restore and maintain homeostasis (a state of balance).

When CBD enters your body, it raises levels of your primary endocannabinoid, anandamide. CBD does this by inhibiting an enzyme, fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH), that breaks down anandamide. Ananda means bliss in Sanskrit, an appropriate name for what anandamide does. Higher levels of anandamide can provide vital support for the healthy functioning of your ECS. Many health conditions are a direct expression of some form of bodily imbalance, therefore its extremely important to have well functioning ECS.

What is ECS5™?

ECS5™ stands for endocannabinoid system 5. It is our proprietary TCM botanical blend containing organic black pepper extract, clove extract, rosemary extract, hops extract, and jujube extract. These 5 plant extracts provide extraordinary additional support for the healthy functioning of your endocannabinoid system.

What is X Factor?

The mysterious something, currently unexplainable by science, that imbues some natural products with a power to deliver health benefits in excess to what is understood about their modes of action. CBD and TCM formulations are thought to have an abundance of X Factor.

What is the difference between hemp and Marijuana?

In a word, THC. Hemp plants look almost identical to marijuana plants. Their only difference is THC levels. Hemp plants contain less than 0.3% THC while marijuana plants contain as much as 30% THC.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural component of the Cannabis Sativa L. plant. It’s part of a family of compounds known as cannabinoids that occur naturally in hemp/cannabis plants. CBD extracts have traditionally been used as a foundational herb to restore balance.

Unlike THC, the primary psycho active cannabinoid in marijuana, CBD won’t get you high. CBD promotes mental clarity and balance. The World Health Organization (WHO) regards CBD as a safe and non-addictive substance with no known adverse side effects.

Why do I need CBD?

All mammals, including humans, have an endocannabinoid system, or ECS as its commonly referred. Your ECS is a system comprised of endocannabinoids (lipid-based neurotransmitters), receptors, and enzymes located mainly in the brain and nervous system but spread throughout your entire body. Your ECS is responsible for maintaining homeostasis, a state of internal equilibrium, BALANCE. When your ECS becomes imbalanced or depleted due to chronic illness, unhealthy lifestyle choices, or other environmental factors, you may start to experience unwanted or negative symptoms.

CBD works by helping your ECS restore biological and mental balance. Everybody can benefit from CBD support, even those without a specific ailment. But it can be especially beneficial for those experiencing an internal imbalance, as it helps re-calibrate the body back to a state of equilibrium. Taking CBD on a daily basis provides support to your ECS and promotes an overall sense of well-being.

What is anandamide?

Anandamide is a primary endocannabinoid produced by your body and plays a vital role in helping your endocannabinoid system maintain bodily and mental balance. The root word “Ananda” comes from the Sanskrit word for “bliss.”

CBD essentially works by raising anandamide levels. CBD does this by disabling FAAH (fatty acid amide hydrolase), the enzyme responsible for breaking down anandamide. When CBD disables FAAH anandamide levels increase. Having adequate or increased levels of anandamide helps to bring your body into homeostasis or an optimal state of balance. The long term balancing effects of CBD are a result of increased anandamide levels.

Is CBD safe?

CBD is considered very safe, with minimal side effects for most people. CBD doesn’t affect the brain stem, where vital functions like breathing are controlled, so there is little risk of overdose. However, If you plan on taking CBD and you are also taking medication it’s recommended that you speak with your doctor first. CBD is known to have a similar effect as grapefruit in inhibiting the metabolization of certain medications by deactivating key enzymes in the liver that process and breakdown pharmaceuticals.

Is CBD safe for my pet?

There are many case studies and anecdotal evidence on the efficacy of CBD for pets, yet the scientific research for use in pets is still limited. Preliminary research shows that the endocannabinoid system of a dog and cat is similar to that of a human, and therefore may benefit from the therapeutic use of CBD.

Our K9 Formula was designed specifically for dogs and cats, with a touch of liver for flavor. It’s recommended that you speak to your veterinarian before administering CBD to your pet.

I’m pregnant or breastfeeding. Can I consume CBD?

It is the current consensus that pregnant or breastfeeding women should refrain from using CBD or CBD products. It is recommended that you speak with your healthcare professional before trying CBD while pregnant or nursing.

I suffer from a health condition. Will CBD help me?

CBD is not classified as a pharmaceutical or dietary supplement by the FDA, and as such, no claims can be made about its medicinal benefits. We cannot legally make any medical recommendations regarding CBD, including if it can treat specific conditions.

Do your hemp derived CBD products also contain THC?

Yes, but very little, less than 0.3%THC. All of our CBD products are federally legal and fully compliant with the 2018 farm bill.

PLEASE NOTE: It is possible for the small amount of THC contained in our products to still trigger a positive drug test.

How do I figure out my dosage?

While dosing is not a one-size-fits-all, we generally recommend a gradual approach. Each individual is different with different needs. To start out, you can take less than the recommended dose. Adjust the dose as necessary. Many find that the “less is more” approach works for them when first starting out with CBD. Feel free to experiment, but be mindful as your body adjusts to the product. It could take a couple weeks to a month to discover your ideal dose.

CBD also has a cumulative effect while the body stores the compound in the fatty tissues until it gets metabolized. Because of this, you may not notice the balancing effects that CBD has on your ECS right away, Please be patient. It can take from 1-2 months to experience the full balancing effects of CBD.

Shipping and Returns

How long does it take to receive my product?

We want to get our CBD into your hands fast, so most orders will ship within 1-3 business days. You will receive tracking info once it ships so you can track your CBD’s journey to you.

Do you ship to all 50 states?


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, but with restrictions. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine if your respective country allows CBD. We can only ship to countries that allow hemp-derived CBD. Many countries have restrictions on CBD.

International orders can take up to 14-30 days arrive. There is a $30 flat rate shipping fee for international orders outside of the US.

HempLand® USA cannot be held responsible for conditions beyond our control such as customs or border restrictions for international shipments. We suggest researching the legality of the product in the country you are ordering from or shipping to.

Can I return a product?

HempLand® USA offers a 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee.

If for some reason you are not entirely satisfied with your HempLand® USA product, you can return it for a full refund, minus the original shipping cost.

To initiate a return, please contact us at info@hemplandusa.com with your name, order number, and the reason for your return request. Or you can call us toll-free at 1-888-626-HEMP(4367).

*Please note that returns for bulk orders will be eligible for a full refund on a case by case basis. Any order that includes the purchase of 2 or more of the same type of product using the bulk discount is considered a bulk order, and full refunds on bulk orders are discretionary.

It is our expectation that if you purchase bulk quantities of a specific product, that you should only need to test no more than 2 bottles to determine your satisfaction with the product.

Shipping costs are non-refundable. Customer is responsible for return shipping postage.