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HempLand® USA Flow Mints
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6 Hour Flow Mints®

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"The best moments in our lives are not the passive, receptive, relaxing times…The best moments usually occur if a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile."

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi,
Hungarian scientist credited with first describing FLOW.

Have you ever become so absorbed in the task at hand that time literally stood still? All of your actions were effortless and just right. Your inner critic vanished and was replaced by a deep sense of confidence, accomplishment and happiness.  What that particular task was is not important. It could be something as diverse as rock climbing, writing, studying, surfing, house work, coding, playing basket ball or cooking an omelette. You experienced the rare state of mind called FLOW.

Flow is a big deal right now as well it should be. Numerous studies have shown that people who can enter a state of flow increase their productivity by up to 1000%! Their ability to be creative is off the charts. Depression, fear and anxiety are non existent in flow. Athletes in the flow state give near miraculous performances. Flow has been described as enlightenment in action, the ultimate state of being.

There’s an entire industry dedicated to teaching people how to enter the state of flow. The popularity of mindfulness training, yoga, and sports psychologists, are only a few examples of the importance attributed to achieving flow.

While the neurochemistry of flow is fairly well understood very few if any products exists to enhance flow. The so-called nootropic products are formulated to improve cognition and memory, not flow. Caffeine laden products like energy shots can enhance mental and physical performance, but not by increasing flow, rather by stimulating your central nervous system which, as everyone knows, can cause serious even life threatening side effects.

Curiously, CBD products have not been specifically formulated to enhance flow even though at the correct dosage CBD, if combined with the right natural ingredients, can indeed enhance flow.

6 Hour Flow Mints are specifically formulated to help your brain produce the neurochemistry necessary to enter and maintain flow. In addition, they have been manufactured using our new proprietary nano emulsion technology which make them up to 500% more bioavailable. 6 Hour Flow Mints work!

“I’m like the guy on your label, WOW! I got more done at work than I ever thought possible, I was totally relaxed and enjoyed every minute of the 5 hrs of programming I did which felt like no time at all! Believe me my co-workers noticed and 2 guys ordered flow mints! Incredible product.” 

—William B. San Francisco, CA

“long distance running is my thing. I am very familiar with the experience of Flow. I usually get into that feeling well into my runs. I took a 6 hour flow mint just before I started a run last week. Within 20 minutes, way earlier than it usually happens, I was in intense Flow. Amazing!”

—Janet Y. Yuma, AZ

“I own a company that has 32 employees and once a month I give a talk to our whole group. Unknown to my employees I dread those talks. This month I took a flow mint before my talk. What a difference. I gave the best talk of my life. The words seemed to come out of nowhere. It was like I wasn’t there only the words. One of best experiences I have ever had!” 

—Debra M. St. Louis, MO

Flow Mints don’t make you high they make you HERE! I have never felt a sense of presence like I felt after taking flow mints. What a joy!

Ron D. Brookland, NY

Bulk Discounts: Take 10% Off 3, 20% Off 6 and 30% Off 9 Containers. All Bulk Discounts Receive Free Domestic Shipping

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