In case you’re wondering why the entire country has gone crazy about CBD please let me offer you a few reasons.



As you can see the question is not whether you should try CBD. That’s already been answered by an avalanche of people for good reasons. The more important question is from whom you should buy CBD? I can also be of assistance in that matter. The company that has without question the most powerful and effective Hemp CBD oil is I am however somewhat biased. I’m the CEO of

I have enclosed a brochure that clearly shows why nothing compares to our “Super CBD,” but don’t take my word for it. Simply do a little research. Google CBD companies. You’ll find many. They all offer pretty much the same thing:

They have the purest CBD hemp oil that comes in attractive packaging. They have the best prices. They have lots of satisfied customers, attested to by glowing testimonials, all five stars. They use solvent free CO2 extraction. The purity and potency of their products are verified by third party lab reports. They give a money back guarantee, etc, etc. They’ll be blogs about everything CBD and possibly some images of hemp farms and happy people. Maybe even a company team picture.

We have all of the above in spades plus we were established in 2014. Most CBD companies just showed up. And here’s one thing no CBD company has… Cannabitol® Full Spectrum CBD hemp oil enhanced with ECS5™. ECS5™ is our proprietary formulation of 5 additional herbal extracts that literally supercharges CBD. It’s light years ahead of every other CBD products.

I hope you’ll find the enclosed information helpful and convincing. I, along with our team of scientists, have put our heart and soul into Cannabitol®. We’re very proud of our accomplishment and are completely confident in saying, “with Cannabitol® you’ve got it all.”



Richard Waggoner,

CEO, HempLand® USA, Inc.


P.S. We also offer a money back guarantee but hardly anyone uses it. Most of our customers reorder again and again. I’m betting you will too.


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