How CBD Transformed My Rescue Dog's Separation Anxiety


I wanted to adopt a second dog, but I wasn't prepared for the separation anxiety that I would have to learn to manage. Thank goodness I discovered K9 CBD formula before things got out of hand.
A little background, my first dog I've had since she was a puppy and she loves, I mean LOVES, other dogs. I felt like she needed a companion during the day while I went to work and to have a permanent playtime friend. So I began my search for a second dog. I knew I wanted to rescue a pit bull that was around the same age as my current dog; she's also a pit mix, so I was already familiar with the breed.
I finally found the perfect dog. I brought my current dog to meet the new potential dog, and they got along even better than I could have imagined. They were besties from the start. Everything was perfect... or so it seemed.

Crate Time — a.k.a. The Panic Chamber

To preface this story, crate training my first dog was a breeze. She loves her crate. So when I needed to run to the store to grab a few things for dinner, I ignorantly thought that Layla would be fine in her crate for a little bit.

Everything was NOT fine. When I got home from the store, I found Layla shaking and her bedding shredded. I was horrified and very worried. What was going to happen next time I had to leave the house?

I took her to the local pet store and picked up a vest that was supposed to keep dogs calm. I put it on her and went to the kitchen to do dishes. When I walked back into the room, she seemed okay and excited to see me.

The next day I needed to run to the post office, and I decided to test out the vest again. When I got to the post office, there was a long line. As soon as I finished, I raced home, and what I found was truly shocking! She had destroyed her crate and had proceeded to chew the door frame of the office.

3 consecutive images of a chewed through dog crate and part of the wall of the doorframe chewed off with scraps on the floor

 The HempLand Promise

This is where my search began. I had to find something that would help keep her calm while I ran errands. That’s when I found HempLand USA. They had a 45-day money-back guarantee, so I figured what did I have to lose?

I ordered it and hoped that it would arrive quickly. It did! I decided to test the K9 formula on Saturday while I went to the gym.

I added 5 droppers of the K9 CBD oil to Layla’s morning bowl of dog food and waited about 30 minutes. She seemed noticeably calmer as I put on my sneakers. There was no anxious panting or drooling as I grabbed my keys. I gave her the command to go into her kennel. She walked into her crate and laid down. I was astounded! I left and hoped that I wouldn’t come back to a terrified dog and a destroyed house.

It worked! When I got home from the gym, Layla was calmly sitting in her crate. Excited to see me, but there wasn’t the same look of panic in her eyes. I was ecstatic!

 The K9 Formula That Saved Her Life

The next day I gave Layla her dose of CBD with her dog food. She was so happy and was even licking her dog bowl to get the last bit of flavoring from the K9 formula. I was delighted and she walked into her crate, calmly and quietly.

I got home from the store and walked into the office to find Layla stretching because she had just woken up from a nap. Literally a complete 180 from just a few days ago! I was sold!

I can now run errands without fear that Layla will be panicking and accidentally hurt herself. I come home to a calm and happy dog. And my house is still as neat and tidy as I left it.

Thank you, HempLand for changing Layla’s life!

 a bluish grey pit bull dog sleeping peacefully on a bed

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