I took CBD for 10 days and my anxiety disappeared but I never could have imagined what else happened


By Brian Stark

Now that it’s federally legal because of recent legislation, you’d think the excitement surrounding CBD is right up there with what would occur on the second coming. Its reputed health benefits are off the charts. It’s featured in major news publications. Celebrities are raving about it. It’s the darling of the internet. Thousands of articles, studies, and testimonials attest to its effectiveness. More importantly, this wonder substance found in cannabis that supposedly can heal just about anything is very different than it’s bad boy cousin, THC. CBD doesn’t make you high— a huge plus for the conservatively-raised among us.

I’m not one to follow the herd, but when my friend Arnold, the straightest arrow I know (he makes Trump look like a liberal), said he tried CBD and it stopped his anxiety cold with zero side effects, I thought… my turn!

I'm 35 and work for a digital marketing company. The problem is I have multiple project deadlines, 4 computer screens on my desk, an obnoxious manager, and an iPhone constantly loading up with “urgent” texts. I get stressed, and that stress often leads to anxiety. It comes in 2 formats.

The first is the “I’m so scared but don’t know why” panic kind of anxiety. The second is an ever-present anxious feeling that I’ve left something undone, something that will have dire consequences. The little voice in my head never shuts the F... up.

Arnold had done his CBD homework. He told me he had found one CBD product (Cannabitol with ECS5) manufactured by hemplandusa.com that works better than all the rest. Arnold is a Google wizard. When he said Cannabitol with ECS5 worked better, I didn’t question him.

It arrived at my place 2 days after ordering. Cannabitol with ECS5 comes in a one ounce bottle with a dropper. It’s easy to take. Just squeeze a full dropper under your tongue. Wait a few seconds, then swallow. The taste is another thing. Let’s just say it’s not Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. CBD is contained in the oil extracted from the hemp (cannabis sativa) plant, not the tastiest of substances. There’s a tiny amount of peppermint oil in Cannabitol with ECS5 to make it more palatable. 

What I noticed very quickly, maybe 5 minutes after swallowing it, was the little voice in my head started to lose its sting. It was still there droning along with its dire consequences scenarios, but I wasn’t paying as much attention. I took Cannabitol with ECS5 daily, first thing after waking up. I was sleeping better and longer. By day 5 my anxiety attacks were way down. By day 10 they were gone. Very cool, but here’s what blew my mind.

I think it was on CBD day 3. I arrived at my office and looked at the 4 computer screens on my desk. Suddenly I thought, “Why the hell do I need 4 screens?” My multitasking bee hive mind was changing. I was more focused, clear, and centered. Right then and there I removed all but one, and you know what? I got more work done! Here’s the other thing that blew my mind.

I’ve alway been super sensitive. If someone said anything that I perceived as an insult, no matter how slight, it bothered me all day, or days, for that matter. The little voice would play it over and over again until I could think of nothing else— true misery. Miraculously after taking Cannabitol with ECS5, I was less bothered by what other people said or thought about me. Transformational. I don’t know why Cannabitol with ECS5 can do this or if it can do it for everyone. Maybe it was just a natural consequence of not being anxious all the time. It doesn’t matter. I believe it never would have happened without taking CBD. Needless to say, I’m now a true believer in Cannabitol with ECS5. I think it helps you experience your better self.

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