How CBD Helped Restore My Health And Changed My Life In Ways I Could Never Have Imagined



Dear Reader,

When I first tried CBD (cannabidiol) for my chronic pain, stress, and insomnia I was 66 years old. It surpassed my wildest expectations. Not only did it help eliminate my health problems, CBD gave me a profound sense of well being, a feeling I had not previously experienced, but it did even more! CBD inspired me to create an incredible company that’s helping thousands of people just like you regain their health.

I am also an unlikely advocate. CBD is found in marijuana. I’m a conservative, and like many conservatives I have been opposed to anything associated with marijuana. However… CBD is also found in hemp. When I discovered this it was a turning point. I’ll explain in a few more paragraphs.Hi, my name is Richard Waggoner I am the CEO of Hempland® USA, Inc. I’ve been in the dietary supplement business for more than 35 years, both as an owner and CEO of several leading health companies. I’ve never seen anything like CBD. I am a true believer in its absolute ability to restore health by balancing both your body and mind.

Charlotte Was Wasting Away

On August 11th 2013, I watched the first part of Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s series called WEED that aired on CNN. I had seen the promos about why the good doctor changed his mind on marijuana. He went from being strongly opposed to being strongly in favor of its use as medicine. The series sounded interesting. What I saw was mind blowing, particularly the part about a 5 year old girl named Charlotte who suffered from terrible seizures. She had a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome. Charlotte had her first devastating seizure when she was only 3 months old. By the time she was 5 Charlotte was having up to 300 grand mal seizures a week! The little girl was in severe mental decline. Wheelchair bound, Charlotte stopped talking and could barely eat.

Every known pharmaceutical medication had not helped. Charlotte’s physicians, at their wits end, put Charlotte into a coma to give her small body time to rest. Charlotte was wasting away. It was Charlotte’s grandfather who eventually saved her. He read about how other parents were treating their children who suffered from seizures with an oil extracted from marijuana that had something in it called CBD. The children were getting better (much better) on the oil without getting high. CBD is not psychoactive.

The grandfather convinced his son to get the special oil. He did and It dramatically helped Charlotte. It reduced her seizures from 300 hundred a week to twice or three times a month! Very quickly Charlotte was able to eat, walk and talk again. “Miraculous” is how her parents described the cannabis oil. I didn’t know about CBD but now my interest was piqued.

Astonishing CBD Research

I started researching CBD. What I discovered astonished me. There were numerous peer reviewed scientific studies on CBD. Plus, mostly unknown to the general public, I found out that our government had been granted, a use patent for CBD. That’s right the same government that had demonized cannabis for decades had quietly been granted a patent, N0. 6630507, for CBD as an antioxidant and neuro-protectant after their own research had demonstrated its stunning effectiveness!

The scientific studies (see my references) showed CBD worked amazingly well for a wide range of health conditions, especially for inflammation, neuro-protection, pain, anxiety, stress and insomnia, but it didn’t work like a drug! CBD helps balance your body and mind, and thus restores health by supporting your body’s natural balancing system called your endocannabinoid system (ECS).

This was the first time I heard of it, but the more I read about the ECS the more I realized how vitally important it was for it to function properly. Charlotte’s seizures were a dramatic display of an out of balance body, but aren’t most health problems an indication of an out of balance body and mind?

CBD is a plant derived cannabinoid that helps raise levels of your body’s internally produced endocannabinods, in particular one called anandamide, or bliss molecule as doctors refer to it. Ananda means bliss in Sanskrit. It’s anandamide that is responsible for feelings of profound well being because it helps your ECS do its job. But I digress.

2014 Farm Bill

The most important thing I learned about CBD while doing my initial research was this: The same CBD found in marijuana is also found in hemp, marijuana’s non-intoxicating cousin. And CBD derived from hemp was legal based on an interpretation of the 2014 Farm Bill which finally allowed hemp to be grown in the USA. Previously it was illegal to grow hemp in the USA. Hemp was only grown in Europe and Asia.

2014 Hempland® USA Was Born

I obtained a 1oz bottle of CBD rich hemp oil from a European company. At that time, even though it was legal, CBD hemp oil wasn’t readily available in the U.S. As mentioned, CBD delivered big time to help eliminate my chronic pain, stress, and insomnia. After 20 years of suffering I finally experienced blessed relief with CBD. One month later Hempland® USA was born. That was 5 years ago. You could say Hempland® USA was one of the founding fathers of the CBD revolution. 5 years ago almost nobody knew about CBD. Today the demand for CBD has sky rocketed, and everybody and their brother seems to be selling it. The main difference between us and them is simple. We’re the real deal.

Hempland® USA has grown from 2 people to over 100 people. I believe we produce the world’s finest CBD rich hemp oil because we have a passion for quality and we do it all, grow, extract, formulate, and package. We’re not just marketers trying to take advantage of the latest craze. We sell our CBD rich hemp oil under the brand name Cannabitol®. You can check out Hempland® USA and purchase Cannabitol®, but that’s not entirely why I wrote this open letter.

You see, I wrote it to hopefully convince you that Cannabitol® is much more than just a great health product. Cannabitol® can truly change your life, as it has mine, and so many others. What do I mean by change? Think balance. I now know it’s everything!


When your body and mind are in balance health returns. When your body and mind are in balance peace returns. When your body and mind are in balance life returns!

Nothing balances your body and mind like Cannabitol®. Don’t you deserve to be healthy?


Richard Waggoner
CEO, Hempland® USA Inc.


*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.