How A Revolutionary New Super CBD Fights Anxiety 5 Different Ways


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By Richard Spencer
man holding his temples while illustrated random words and letters encircle his head representing chaotic thoughts and stress

Anxiety destroys the joy of living. It can devastate your life. Studies have shown that CBD contained in the oil extracted from hemp may be an effective remedy for anxiety. Many people have started using CBD to relieve stress and anxiety because it's natural and has very little side effects. Now there’s a new enhanced CBD that may work even better against anxiety. Early reviewers call it “Super CBD."

Here’s How The New Super CBD Works:

Your body has an internal balancing network called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Its job is to maintain balance (homeostasis) throughout your entire organism. Anxiety is an out-of-balance condition. Researchers believe anxiety can be related to a poorly functioning ECS. CBD helps your ECS work better because it can raise levels of something called anandamide, an endocannabinoid (neurotransmitter that works directly with your ECS) made by your body and is associated with feelings of bliss. Ananda means bliss in Sanskrit.

The high that runners experience is related to higher levels of anandamide, which your body produces during extended exercise. Researchers believe higher levels of anandamide equals lower levels of anxiety. CBD naturally raises anandamide and that’s probably why CBD is effective at bringing relief from anxiety symptoms. People say CBD makes them feel centered, balanced, focused, and free of anxiety. However, there are other herbal extracts (at least 5) that can also raise levels of anandamide and support your ECS in additional ways to help it work even better at relieving stress and anxiety. When these 5 herbal extracts are combined with CBD you have a much more powerful CBD, in effect a Super CBD!

The company behind the development of this revolutionary new Super CBD oil is Hempland USA Inc. They call it Cannabitol®. Customers have found Cannabitol® to be incredibly effective against stress and anxiety. Some customers say Cannabitol® gives them a profound sense of well being. Cannabitol® is sold as a tincture (oil with dropper). You simply take a few drops daily. Tinctures are a highly efficient way to take CBD because your body absorbs more of it and the anxiety relieving effects last longer than vaping, another method of administration.

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