Confessions From an Anxiety-Addict’s Diary and How CBD Saved Me From Myself


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Anxiety is My 2-Pump Vanilla Latte— I Have it Everyday

The first thing I’ll admit is that anxiety is part of my personality— it’s just who I am. I’m anxious about leaving my dog by himself for any amount of time whatsoever (really, what could happen?), about forgetting to shut my garage when I leave the house, about the pile of dirty clothes my husband so graciously left on the bathroom floor, about the dinner I have to make tonight and the groceries I have yet to buy, about the work presentation I have tomorrow, about the impending “big one” that earthquake forecasters are telling me has a probability of definitely happening in my region. I’ve got all my bases covered— anxieties both big and small.

Anxiety is as natural to me as breathing. And the funny thing is, I know 99.9% of the time nothing will happen and that my worries and fears will not materialize. Yet I just can’t seem to get myself to stop or dial down these thoughts.

That was— until I decided I wanted to change. My stress was overwhelming my life and I didn’t want these intrusive thoughts controlling me anymore.

Stress Be Gone

Like the good millennial that I am, I am interested in all things natural, and equally as important, all things that can be delivered straight to my doorstep in the snap of a finger. In true millennial fashion, I took to Google to look up natural anxiety remedies.

As I scanned the list of natural remedies, the internal dialogue in my head that casts doubt on everything began to turn up to full volume. “Meditation— tried it, not for me… brain can’t turn off…… Exercise, yeah no. I wish.. someday… Herbal tea. That sounds nice, can Mr. Darcy join us?… Cannabidiol.. Wait, what? Canna-bidd-a who?”

I’ll spare you the rest of my riveting internal thought processes, but basically after going down a rabbit hole of research, this is what I found:

Cannabidiol is the full name for CBD, which is a compound that comes from the cannabis plant. It is not the same as marijuana, as it doesn’t make you high, but contains many beneficial healing and balancing properties. After reading review after review, I kept coming across the same thing:

“CBD works wonders for easing anxiety and stress.”


“CBD helped me turn off my brain and go to sleep.”


“My mood is noticeably better after trying CBD and I’m able to focus now.”

Step One: Find a Good One

Was this going to be a cure-all to stop my constant worrying? Maybe! After scouring the reviews, I decided on a company that grows their CBD in the USA without pesticides (“Safety first, always!” says the anxious voice in my head) and has a strong message of producing high quality products. And the company has been around for a long time. Good thing, right?

I placed my order through HempLand USA and decided to try a product called ECS5. Their website calls it “Super CBD” which is perfect— bring in the heavy guns for this full-time worrier. The description says that ECS5 is a blend that’s mixed with CBD and is supposed to make the CBD more bioavailable so that it’s more effective. What I really found interesting about ECS5 is that it contains a proprietary botanical blend that’s unique to HempLand USA. The blend contains added terpenes and active ingredients like jujube and clove extract that help to balance my endocannabinoid system (I learned so much just from researching their site!), which is what makes their CBD more effective. I like that they have a formula that’s completely different and unique from any other run-of-the-mill CBD company. Endocannabinoid system balancing, here I come! 

Step 2: It Only Works if You Take it

Ok you might have gathered, I am somewhat of a skeptic, but I told myself I was going to be open-minded. If it worked— great. If not, I could foresee some darjeeling in my near future. The truth is, the HempLand CBD truly blew me away. I’ve been taking it for a week now and it has worked better than I could’ve imagined. I don’t think I’ve felt this calm in a long time… well at least since my last vacation.

You know that feeling where you’re utterly relaxed and don’t have the urgency to do anything at all? It’s like that, but with laser focus at the same time. I first experimented with taking my HempLand CBD at home because I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to work while on CBD, but boy was I wrong! I could do work, write, read, clean the house and then some— all with an overwhelming sense of relaxation and clarity.

The Verdict

I’m going to keep taking it daily to see how it works over time. From everything I’ve read, CBD is cumulative so it can only get better from here. But I am already very satisfied with the results.

I can feel you waiting in suspense to hear if it cured my anxiety entirely… and the answer is “no.” I am still aware of my anxious thoughts, but AMAZINGLY the HempLand ECS5 Super CBD has worked wonders at keeping me present and focused. The rest of the more “extreme” anxious thoughts are now dulled into the background. Super CBD to the rescue!

The past week has been pretty wonderful, actually. I am definitely a new CBD convert and would urge anyone with an anxious nature like myself, or even for those with mild everyday stressors, to give it a try. It sure beats herbal tea with Mr. Darcy. Wait, can you put CBD in tea? All Google answers point to “YES!”


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