How a Smart Device Can Improve Your CBD Results

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We have all forgotten to do things, but taking HempLand CBD should never be one. Utilizing voice recognition technology can help us remember to take our daily dose of HempLand CBD. Simply set a vocal reminder on any technological device to take your CBD, and your daily routine will always include a sense of well-being and serenity. 

How can I remember to take my CBD?

Everyone forgets things at one time or another, as we are human, after all. An effective way to help remember simple tasks is through various, widely used speech recognition devices.

Whether one is setting up reminders, asking for directions, or changing the music, voice recognition technology can ensure a more stress-free day without the touch of a button. Setting reminders is an easy way to take your CBD consistently, which is a key component involved in maximizing its effects.

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Why is it important to consistently take CBD?

CBD oil’s health benefits are fully optimized when CBD accumulates in the body. Many may not experience CBD’s peak balancing properties until a month after the start of use. That is why consistency is key. Setting vocal reminders on technological devices can help assure one’s body is being replenished with hemp every day, leading to greater well-being and balance. The best part is that voice recognition devices are very accessible and easy to use!


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Which devices have voice assistance and how can I access it?

There are numerous voice recognition devices on the market right now. Apple’s Siri, available on a plethora of Apple products, was the first major interface of its kind. Using the words “Hey Siri,” followed by a request, such as “remind me to take my CBD every morning at 9am,” enables Apple products to repeat customizable tasks at designated times.

Amazon’s Echo Dot includes the Alexa feature, which, similarly to Siri, will listen and perform requests. Simply say, “Alexa,” followed by an order, and Alexa will deliver the request.

Google Assistant, another listening aid, is available on Google devices, and is activated when holding down the home button or saying, “Okay/Hey Google.”

Cortana, Microsoft’s voice recognition device, can be accessed on Microsoft desktops and mobile devices, and responds to “Hey Cortana!”

 Voice Assistant Setup and Commands for Each Device


Don’t wait another minute to make life easier. Set up reminders on voice recognition devices today. Your HempLand CBD is waiting for you!

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