CBD Holiday Gift Guide 2019

HempLand USA's 2019 CBD Holiday Gift Guide

It’s December, which means the countdown to the holidays has officially begun! For many, the upcoming weeks are bustling with activities on top of daily life’s usual stressors. Time is precious during this time of year, and we’d like to help simplify your gifting list so you can spend less time worrying about the “perfect gift” and more time with those you love. HempLand USA’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide contains gift ideas for the whole family— there is something for everyone! It’s the perfect year to give the gift of balance and well-being to that special someone in your life.

CBD For The College Student

Full-Spectrum CBD laying next to calculator, notebook, pencil, glasses and surrounded by Christmas ornaments

College is a time of transition for many young adults, and with that comes a world full of new experiences— new classes, roommates, routines, and new stressors that may accompany college life. This holiday season, you can help the college student in your life adjust to these new experiences. HempLand USA’s CANNABITOL® Full-Spectrum CBD tincture is the perfect book bag companion, and when used daily promotes a sense of balance. Our CBD-rich hemp oil contains the full hemp plant’s health-supporting constituents, including naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and essential vitamins and minerals. CANNABITOL® Full-Spectrum tinctures offer a well-rounded CBD experience with endocannabinoid system support that promotes a more balanced body and mind for the busy academic in your life.

CBD For The Yoga Enthusiast

HempLand USA Cannabitol Therapeutic Cream laying next to a yoga mat and jump rope, surrounded by Christmas ornaments 

There’s no better way to become more present and attuned with your body than with physical exercise. If you know somebody who’s preferred sitting style is lotus pose and claims their second home is their yoga studio, then you know you have a bonafide yogi on your hands! Yoga teaches focused breathing and turning inward to center and calm your thoughts. But it can also be quite rigorous on the body, which is why a good recovery routine is essential. If you’ve ever suffered from an overworked muscle, then you know how much a little aftercare can go a long way. Our suggested form of post-yoga (or post-exercise) aftercare is with our CANNABITOL® Therapeutic “Orange” Cream. The Therapeutic Cream contains our proprietary botanical blend of highly active ingredients, including capsicum extract that has a mild warming and cooling effect, promoting faster recovery after physical activity. Our 350mg of CBD formula offers instant, long-lasting relief that will have the yogi in your life bowing their inner light to you. Namaste.

CBD For The Busy Parent

Various items spilling out of a backpack including HempLand USA ECS5 CBD Oil

For the busy mom or dad who can’t figure out if stepping on a Lego with bare feet, or mixing up the soccer schedule is a worse trigger, offer them the gift of balance in the form of advanced ECS support. Parents on-the-go are often unstoppable. Still, sometimes an overpacked schedule can get the better of us, causing imbalances within the body brought upon by the impact of daily worries. CANNABITOL® enhanced with ECS5™ contains our proprietary blend of black pepper, rosemary, clove, hops, and jujube that was designed to enhance the effects of CBD. Daily supplementation with ECS5™ helps to re-calibrate your endocannabinoid system and promotes a more balanced body and mind. Any parent will tell you that balance within their life is one of the highest goals to be attained. Help them get one step closer to achieving balance and peace-of-mind with ECS5™. After basking in the glory of their first well-rested night in ages, we are sure they will be thanking you profusely.

CBD For The Family Pet

HempLand USA Cannabitol K9 CBD Oil peaking out of a red stocking with dog biscuits and a tennis ball scattered about 

There is nothing more heartwarming than the lit up expression of a happy pet. There’s also nothing more comforting than the knowledge that your pet feels calm, safe, and secure. We’d go to the ends of the world for our furry loved ones, so why not ensure that their endocannabinoid system is properly supported? Pets have an ECS just like us, and like us, they can benefit from daily CBD supplementation. CBD promotes balance and can also have a calming effect. CANNABITOL® K9 formula contains 350mg of our premium CBD, hemp seed oil, and real liver flavoring— that’s it! Safety is paramount (for our human formula as well), and we conduct rigorous testing from an independent lab that ensures the potency and purity of our CBD, so you can feel good about giving it to your pet! The hemp seed oil in the K9 formula is full of vitamins and essential fatty acids that help support your pet’s skin and coat. Don’t be fooled by the “K9” in our K9 formula— cats love it too! CANNABITOL® K9 is sure to have your dog doing tricks and begging for more!

CBD For The Traveler

HempLand USA Cannabitol Soft Gels laying next to a US passport, aviator sunglasses, and a present surrounded by christmas ornaments

London! Paris! New York! Rome! We all have that special someone in our life that has caught the travel bug and refuses to sit still. World travelers cross different time zones and frequently have to deal with travel-related stress, which may result in imbalances to their ECS. One of the many functions of the endocannabinoid system is regulating our circadian rhythms, the body's internal clock. Longterm CBD support encourages the body into homeostasis, an optimal state of internal balance. Taking CBD upon returning home can help to mitigate the negative effects of travel by supporting your ECS and promoting more balanced sleep cycles. CANNABITOL® Soft Gels with 1500mg of premium CBD are the ideal travel companion for your favorite globe-trotters. They are convenient to take on-the-go and are a non-liquid, plane-friendly option for domestic travel. If you know someone with a fear of flying, CANNABITOL® Soft Gels may be a great option. Many people report taking CBD on or before flights to encourage relaxation. Delight your favorite travel-lover with our most travel-friendly CBD, and if you’re lucky, maybe they will invite you on their next adventure!

CBD For The Athlete

HempLand USA THC Free CBD Tincture and Therapeutic Cream next to a tennis racquet and ball, surrounded by Christmas ornaments

When we think of an athlete, professional, or non-professional, one word that comes to mind is: disciplined. Athletes often maintain strict schedules, workout regimens, and diets to stay at the top of their game. Whether it's for a career, or simply for recreation, one thing that all athletes have in common is the need for a good recovery routine so that they can spring back into action quickly. Combining a CBD tincture with a topical lotion ensures that athletes at all levels have proper support for the whole body. Our CANNABITOL® THC Free tincture offers the same level of support to the endocannabinoid system, but without the trace amount of THC contained within our full-spectrum tinctures. THC levels are important to consider, as many athletes are required to undergo THC screening tests to keep them compliant with the rules of their sport. CANNABITOL® Therapeutic “Orange” Cream can be used before and after physical activity. The cream penetrates the skin and interacts with cannabinoid receptors just below the skin’s surface, encouraging a quicker recovery period. Your favorite athlete stands no chance of getting sidelined with our high-performance combination of CANNABITOL® THC Free tincture and Therapeutic “Orange” Cream. This winning combo is sure to keep them running at peak performance levels. Go team orange!

CBD For The Creative

HempLand USA Cannabitol CBD with ECS5 laying next to a drawing pad, colored pencils, and markers surrounded by christmas ornaments

Do you know someone who always arrives covered in paint or spends their hours buried deep within a book? If you’re lucky enough to have a “creative” in your life, you know that creatives can gain inspiration from many sources, helping to bring their work to life. People have used cannabis for thousands of years to inspire creativity and create works of art and literature. Our groundbreaking CANNABITOL® with ECS5™ enhances the effects of CBD to provide advanced endocannabinoid support. Among the many bodily systems the endocannabinoid system regulates, it is also responsible for regulating cognitive functions, such as memory, focus, and concentration. ECS5™ was designed to supercharge CBD so that your body can use it more efficiently. CANNABITOL® with ECS5™ supports your ECS and promotes a sense of balance and focus. Who knows? Maybe your favorite creative person will create the 21st-century version of the Mona Lisa after receiving ECS5™! (If that happens, please call us 😆)

CBD For The Skincare Lover

HempLand USA Cannabitol Restorative Cream laying next to a rose quartz facial roller, surrounded by christmas ornaments

If you know someone who’s morning and evening grooming routines include a 12 step-process, then congratulations, you have the pleasure of knowing a skincare aficionado. Skincare lovers have a penchant for routines, and they appreciate products that are multi-use and full of active ingredients. CANNABITOL® Restorative Cream is our ultra-rich blend of highly active, skin-supporting ingredients and 500mg of our premium CBD. When CBD is applied externally to skin, it seeps in and interacts with cannabinoid receptors within the skin’s top layers, promoting balanced skin function. Restorative Cream helps to improve the visible signs of aging and is suitable for all skin types. It can be applied to face, neck, décolletage, hands, or anywhere in need of skin-smoothing care. Skincare pro-tip: to help the product penetrate deeper into the skin, after application, you can use a facial roller such as a jade or rose quartz roller to gently ease the product in. The best thing is, CANNABITOL® Restorative Cream is not just for women! Men love the non-greasy, residue-free formula, and can benefit from the extra moisture that the Restorative Cream provides, especially during the dry winter months. We think all the skincare lovers in our life radiate with natural beauty, but CANNABITOL® Restorative Cream will help them continue to glow from the inside out.

 More Gift Suggestions?

Have someone on your gift list who’s more difficult to pin down? HempLand USA is happy to help with personalized suggestions! Our customer service agents are standing by to help you select just the right product for you or a loved one. Reach out to us directly on Facebook or Instagram, or send us an email to info@hemplandusa.com and our CBD experts can assist you in making a selection. If we don’t hear from you there, then we send our best wishes for a joyous and peace-filled holiday!


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HempLand USA CBD Holiday Gift Guide 2019 



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