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The CannaBliss Club is HempLand USA’s customer loyalty club. Anyone can join, and the program is completely free and voluntary! The purpose of the club is to reward our customers for their loyalty to HempLand USA with points called CBDollars that can be redeemed as product credit towards future purchases at HempLandUSA.com. Here’s how the club works: 

Program Details


 As a participating member of the CannaBliss Club, for every $1 USD spent on our online store at HempLandUSA.com you’ll earn 1 CBDollar. Your CBDollars can be redeemed for a discount code to use on our online store at the following tiers:


250 CBDollars = $5.00 off

 500 CBDollars = $10.00 off

750 CBDollars = $15.00 off


How to Earn Points


CBDollars earned for every purchase = 1 CBDollar for every $1 spent on HempLandUSA.com

CBDollars earned for signing up = When you first sign up to join the CannaBliss Club, you will receive 50 CBDollars

CBDollars earned for birthdays* = 50 CBDollars 

Share our CannaBliss Club message on Facebook = 25 CBDollars

Follow us on Instagram = 25 CBDollars

Share our CannaBliss Club message on Twitter = 25 CBDollars

(*You must be signed up for the CannaBliss Club at least 30 days before your birthday to receive the birthday CBDollars)

Refer Friends and Family and Earn Points


How did you first hear about CBD or HempLand USA? Chances are it came from the recommendation of a trusted friend or family member. Sharing HempLand USA with friends and family helps us get our name out there so that we can continue to innovate wellness products that serve to improve the quality of life of our loved ones and communities. 

 If you refer friends and family to join the extended HempLand USA family, your referral will receive $10 off their first purchase, and you’ll receive 500 CBDollars ($10 value) 14 days after your referral makes a valid purchase on our website.

To refer friends and family, simply go to our website and click on the blue box that says "Sign Up" in the bottom right corner of the homepage.

Select "Join Now" to complete your registration.

Copy your personalized referral link and share it with as many friends and family members as you'd like! Just be sure to remind them to use the link you provided when they make their purchase, so we know who to give the points to! 

How to Join the CannaBliss Club


To sign up and start earning CBDollars today, go to our website and click on the blue box that says "Sign Up" in the bottom right corner of the homepage. Select "Join Now" to complete your registration. It’s free to participate, but completely optional if you'd rather not earn free cash back. We understand that the program might not be for everybody. If you'd like to opt-out, sign up is voluntary. Or if you’d like to leave the CannaBliss Club at any point, please contact us at info@hemplandusa.com.

The CannaBliss Club is available exclusively for online purchases made on www.hemplandusa.com. Phone and mail orders are not eligible for CBDollars (points).

Have any more questions? Call us 24/7 at 1.888.626.HEMP (4367) and we’d be happy to help! We hope you join in on the fun and start earning CBDollars for instant cash back rewards! 


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