A Message To The HempLand Community

Person sitting in front of a lake staring at snow-capped mountains. Text reads: Create Your Calm


We all need calm, balance, and support more than ever.

Circumstances are far from normal, but not everything is out of our control. Take a breath. Take 10 more long breaths. Get fresh air. Move your body. Eat well. Stay positive. 

When the body is confronted with external stressors, depending on how you react, it can affect your immune system. The best thing you can do for your body during times of crisis is to try to create your own sense of calm and normalcy. 

If you’re used to exercising daily, continue to exercise indoors. If you feel restless, try downloading a meditation app to your phone. Get a daily dose of vitamin D from the sun to boost immunity. Restorative sleep is essential to a strong immune system and mental well-being. If CBD has become a part of your wellness routine, then continue doing what helps you feel and function your best. 

The team at HempLand USA is exercising an abundance of caution as the situation remains fluid. As of now, regular online ordering is up and running and we do not foresee it being disrupted at this time. We have taken internal precautions and continue to follow recommended safety practices to ensure our products remain safe for our customers.

We will continue to engage with the HempLand Community and put out content that we feel may soothe, educate, entertain, or inform you during these uncertain times. If there is anything you wish to see from us, please don’t hesitate to email and request what you’d like to see. We are keenly aware of the unsettled and anxious atmosphere and do not wish to flood you with content that doesn’t serve to calm or inform you. 

Our customer care team is working safely and available to assist you in any way. You can contact us toll-free at 1-888-626-HEMP (4367), by emailing support@hemplandusa.com, or by texting us at 1-567-233-0067.


We’ll get through this together. 

-The Team at HempLand USA



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